Photovoltaic farms – a responsible investment in the future

Technological progress accustoms us to constant change. More and more often, we consciously choose solutions that produce beneficial results for our environment. Investing in solar energy is not only a guarantee of reliability, but also a sensible way to manage space. Photovoltaic farms are an excellent idea to provide yourself with a source of pure (literally and figuratively) benefits. How to set up this type of installation? How much does it cost to build and maintain your own power plant?

Setting up your own photovoltaic farm is usually the idea of entrepreneurs, farmers and owners of undeveloped land. Deciding to build such a farm is tantamount to participating in a long-term project in which several basic factors come into play:

  • land – Soil of class IV or worse is the optimal location for photovoltaic farms. Unused agricultural land, which is simply profitable to buy or lease, is ideal for investment,
  • financing – renewable energy sources are currently a priority not only for entrepreneurs. The government, local authorities and the European Union are looking favourably on photovoltaic farms. Subsidies for the ecological production of electricity are a great help at the beginning,
  • knowledge of construction law – detailed knowledge is necessary. The Energy Law regulates all procedures related to the construction of a photovoltaic farm. You need a construction permit and a licence to produce electricity as part of your business,
  • a conscious choice of photovoltaic panels – this is an extremely important point. It is worth reaching for solutions of a company, which besides offers a wide range of modules. One of such companies is BYD, which for years has been one of the leaders on the photovoltaic market.

When choosing a location for your photovoltaic farm, there are several principles to follow.

The installation works best if it is placed towards the south in conditions of little shade. It is much easier to locate your power plant on a flat area. It is optimal to choose a place far away from power lines. A distance of about 200 metres is a reasonable minimum to consider. The target power of photovoltaic installations ranges from several dozen kilowatts to even several megawatts. In Poland, you can find farms with a total capacity of about 3 MW. Building a solar farm is a ground-based installation, different from the micro-installations best known from the roofs of buildings. The energy production from the farm flows through the power grid and is then transferred to the users.

The establishment of a photovoltaic farm is associated with potential earnings, but – above all – it contributes to the implementation of step-by-step ecological solutions. So important in today’s world. Future generations can already benefit from the awareness we have built up from the ground up. Sustainable technological progress and wise investments are a source of improvement of living conditions.

Investing in photovoltaics provides a quick return on the money invested in the project. Your electricity bill can be as high as the cost of a loan for photovoltaic modules. Savings appear already in the initial phase of using the panels. A photovoltaic farm is also a security for the future or a way to make your investment more attractive. Properties with solar systems attract potential buyers who are keen on ecological solutions. It is worth emphasising that the energy produced is not dependent on the market, which – simply put – dictates the prices. Many people approach photovoltaics with caution, fearing the risk that the panels produce energy only on warm days. This is an extremely rare, negligible occurrence. Panels generally never go below the 1% energy production ceiling. Even in the most adverse weather conditions imaginable. This is because the modules do not work by taking the temperature, but by capturing solar energy. The energy produced can be stored. Storing energy is helpful on days when the weather really is not that great.

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